Bringing IRC and Websites Together

The most modern IRC Services, with integration between UnrealIRCd and WordPress, you can finally create the social media platform of your dreams!

User Experience

Boost your users overall experience by letting them manage their profile exactly however you customise WordPress to let them manage their profile.


Chat Made Easy

With the customisability of WordPress, your users can start their own bbPress Forums topic, create their own chat-space on IRC, all tied to your platform.


Free and Open-Source

Get creative yourself with this open-source platform. Easy to build on and easy to talk to, with a built-in JSON-RPC server you can speak to your network using whatever you want to build – the WordPress plug-in uses this to talk to Dalek.


Bring your ideas to life

Create the social media platform of your dreams using IRC, but this time doing it right. WordPress makes up roughly 43% of all websites so is by far the most popular Content Management System.

UnrealIRCd is the most popular Internet Relay Chat server, with a market share of 38% of all IRC networks, has a strong focus on security, and is proud of their impressive documentation.

So we’ve gone and made them work together. You’re welcome.

I mean

This website is a live example, and from where I’m standing (sitting because, well, you know), this is pretty great!

And it was so easy to make!


We picked the most popular software, used one of the easiest programming languages, created a great module API, gave it a JSON-RPC endpoint, and then we went ahead and took it on a joyride. Dalek is seriously all about boosting communication.